Inside Maristow House Nursing Home, Salisbury

Self Funding

As a guide the weekly fee charged for self-funding residents is currently from £800 ranging to £900 per week for a standard single room and from £900 ranging to £1,000 per week for larger rooms and those with en-suites.

The exact weekly fee is subject to an individual care needs assessment and the type of room and services needed.

Persons who are self-funding their care need to be aware that if they become eligible for State funding whilst living at Maristow they may need to move to a less expensive room if the local authority fee rate is not sufficient or a top-up payment cannot be arranged through the local authority. As a last resort, if Local Authority rates are not sufficient to meet the cost of care an alternative home may need to be found.

Your nursing care may be funded in part by a contribution from the NHS (known as Funded Nursing Care and in 2019/20 is £165.56 per week*). If you are eligible for this contribution, it will be paid directly to us by the NHS and will be deducted from the weekly fees quoted when paid.

Fees will be reviewed on an annual basis (on 1st May each year).

65% of the increase will be in regard of the percentage rise in the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and employer pension cost and 35% in line with changes in the Consumer Prices Index Including Housing Costs (CPIH). Where CPIH has risen at a rate greater than NMW then 100% of any fee increase will be at CPIH.

We will consult with you and your representatives before implementing a change in your fees for any reason and provide you with at least 28 days’ notice in writing (including full details of any increase).

The increase will take effect on the date notified unless, before that date, you give us 28 days’ notice to end the contract.

Our insurance policy provides cover for the resident’s personal belongings up to a maximum value of £1,000 at any time, with the exception of cash. If personal belongings, such as furniture and items eg cash, credit cards, deeds, documents or personal effects of greater value are kept in the home, they should be covered by the resident’s own insurance. Further details of our insurance cover are available on request.

Pets can be considered depending upon the circumstances.   You can elect to only have personal care carried out only by female staff. We do not currently employ enough male staff for you to elect that only male staff carry out personal care.

Our current food hygiene rating is the maximum award of 5 stars.

*You can check current FNC rates on line at